How To Test My Mercury Levels

The “Provoked Urine Challenge”:
The Most Accurate Way to Test Your Mercury Level

Test tubesAnyone who has studied the action of mercury knows that once it enters the body, it buries itself deep within your organs and tissues.  It hides out in the cells of your brain, clings to the inner workings of your heart muscle, saturates your nerve endings, and invades your bones and fatty tissue, all the while damaging your health.  Unfortunately, mercury does not circulate freely in the blood stream or urine where it’s easier to find.  Therefore, conventional testing methods—such as a standard blood, urine or hair sample testing—do not detect mercury adequately, because that’s not where the mercury is accumulating.  Mercury resides in the tissues and you have to bring it out in order to measure it.

The single most reliable method to test the level of mercury in the body is called the Provoked Urine Challenge.  A special agent is used to “provoke,” or mobilize, the mercury, causing it to release its grip on body tissues and flow into the bloodstream, where it will be eliminated through the urine.

The provoking agent is called DMPS, short for dimercaptopropanesulfunate, which has been used successfully since the 1950s throughout the world to treat acute mercury poisoning.  DMPS has the special properties of strongly binding to mercury in your tissues and then escorting it out of your body and into the urine where it is collected and then measured.  This process of finding, binding and removing heavy metals is called “chelation” (pronounced key-lay-shun), and thus DMPS is called a chelating agent.  For detailed information about DMPS, click here.

The DMPS Provoked Urine Challenge is performed in the comfort of your own home.  The urine test collection is easy to do and takes just 3 hours to complete, and is analyzed by a special independent laboratory.  The test report provides you and our physician with your level of mercury (see report example below)The Urine Challenge kit will arrive at your door complete with full instructions, testing materials and shipping materials.  Important Note:  If there is any chance you could be pregnant, do not perform this test.

Independent Laboratory Analyzes Your Test

In the United States, the highly regarded CLEA-certified laboratory Doctor’s Data, Inc. will analyze your urine and provide the result in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report.  Your test sample will be analyzed by Mass Spectrometry, an accurate state-of-the-art technology that detects trace amounts of mercury in your urine and expresses them in parts per million.  Your test results will be provided to you as a numeric value, and will also be plotted on a bar graph that indicates whether your result is “Within Reference Range,” “Elevated,” or “Very Elevated.” 

Below is an example of the test report you will receive from Doctor’s Data. 

Sample Test Results

The Urine Metals report above shows that the mercury level of this 53-year-old woman was in the “Very Elevated” range.  She currently is making excellent progress detoxifying with the MercOut Detoxification Program, as her repeat urine challenge after the 30-day prgram was markedly lower.  And, like many of our clients, she is enthusiastically reporting positive changes in her health and well being.

What If Your Mercury Level Is High Following the Urine Challenge?

If your mercury level is in the “Elevated” or “Very Elevated” range, there is a real possibility it is negatively affecting your health, either dramatically or at a low level. Mercury can cause subtle changes that people just are not aware of and their doctors and testing do not recognize.  Some people mistakenly consider the absence of overt medical symptoms to be a sign of good or excellent health.  Often, after removing mercury, these same people are amazed at how much more energy and mental focus they have gained. When we receive your test result from the lab, our physician will evaluate it and provide you with valuable feedback by email.  If your result indicates that your health would benefit from it, our physician most likely will recommend that you begin the safe and clinically proven MercOut Detoxification Program as soon as possible.   

Special Discounted Pricing Through MercOut

This sophisticated and sensitive Urine Challenge test ordinarily costs $125 with the physician review.  However, because of a special arrangement our physicians will charge no fee for evaluating your lab result and providing you with personalized feedback.  Also we have arranged special pricing through Doctor’s Data laboratory and can offer you this important diagnostic test for just $85, which INCLUDES all testing materials, handling and shipping of your sample to the laboratory (shipping extra outside of the U.S. and Canada). There is nothing more to pay to get this valuable information about your body Mercury levels.

If you’re ready to learn your mercury level by taking the Urine Challenge Test, click here!